Advantages of California Blinds 2" Fauxwood Product:

Heavy Duty Track 
Constructed with our 2 x 2 1/4" Heavy Duty Headrail/Track, iron phosphate treated to resist corrosion.

Texture Option
Our Collection consists of both Smooth and Sandblasted finishes giving you plenty of choices for your decorating needs

Slat Quality
Our Special Formula yields a consistent finish and color which prevents yellowing and warpage.  This allows your blind to always maintain it's integrity and stay true to color year after year..

Moisture Proof
Our Fauxwood Blinds are great for any room including those with high humidity such as baths and kitchens.

Free Royal Crown Valance Upgrade
We offer a Royal Crown Valance upgrade at no charge.  Our competitors include a 2 inch strip as a valance which does look as please and causes light gaps between the rail and the top slat. 

Routed or Routeless "No-Hole" Options

Our Fauxwood Blinds are available as a traditional routed or Routeless "no-hole" privacy options. The unique notched design provides a sleek, linear look without distracting route holes while holding the slats in perfect position.

Consistent Finish and Color

UV Stable -- Woodwinds color will stay true year after year. Available in white, off-whites and wood tones.

Tree & Environmentally Friendly
Our Fauxwood Blinds require no wood to manufacture. By using a special PVC formula, Our Fauxwood Blinds preserve precious natural resources.

Scratch Resistant
Our Fauxwood Blinds slats are extruded with a scratch resistant polymer so your blinds will look beautiful for a lifetime.

Easy to Clean

Our Fauxwood Blind slats are designed to repel dust and dirt but are washable if necessary. Our Fauxwood Blinds can be completely submerged if necessary for cleaning

Lifetime Warranty

Not just warranted for life, but designed to be beautiful for a lifetime.


Remember, since Designers and Decorators buy from us, our products are required to last for years.